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We keep hearing from Republicans across the country: “Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election!” This comes as accusations – some merited, some not – fly over how the 2020 elections were handled in many states. Before Election Day, I wrote and spoke a lot about my own concerns for election integrity in states […]

The spread of COVID-19 in Colorado and — arguably, even more significantly — the policies of Gov. Jared Polis and his Department of Public Health and Environment, are devastating small businesses in this state. As they take real-world revenue hits, face rising expenses and try to meet ongoing fixed costs, small businesses sadly are forced […]

One of my great joys is seeing young people succeed in ways few anticipate. Sure, I have a special emphasis on up-and-coming Millennials and Gen Z’ers on the center-right, given my personal politics and public perceptions about my own Millennial generation. But there is something broadly inspiring about young people taking the bull by the […]

Last week, as Gov. Jared Polis quarantined with COVID-19 (and I wish the first gentleman all the best as he remains hospitalized with the virus), state legislators gathered together for what has been termed an “Extraordinary Session.”  In actuality, perhaps other than the fact that this special session of the General Assembly was called amidst a […]

Jan. 5, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of my family’s move to Colorado. Midway through 5th grade and a very disgruntled 10-and-a-half-year-old, I just wanted to stay in New Jersey. My parents tried everything to win me over, even taking us to the airport in a limo. Fun as that was, I didn’t want to […]

When I first listened to Rush Limbaugh as a 12-year-old child in my grandpa’s car, I had no idea that I would launch a talk show-hosting career myself, or what I would learn from Limbaugh’s show and from whom I would learn it. Enter Walter E. Williams, noted free market economist, fervent individual liberty advocate, […]

Being the victim of three automobile crimes in six months, I guess you could say I have bad 2020 Carma.  Or, Denver-metro crime is out of control.  It was a bright and sunny Thursday in June 2020.  I was running a little behind that morning, getting ready to leave for a webshow interview.  But when I walked outside, […]

I’m going to reveal something I’ve never shared publicly before. This New Year’s Eve, it will be seven years since I didn’t jump off a parking garage.  For more than seven years of my life, I was treated for clinical depression and anxiety.  I saw a therapist and a psychiatrist on the regular.  I took various antidepressants […]

GOP concerns about election integrity are warranted. Americans should focus on three keys to ensuring election integrity, for now and the future. (Coauthored with former Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Taheri (Staiert).) President Donald Trump’s campaign is embarking on a series of legal challenges in several states, pursuing allegations of voter fraud and process […]

A few weeks ago, I tested positive for COVID-19.  So did my parents, brother, sister and sister’s boyfriend.  It became a family affair.  I know more Coloradans who have contracted the coronavirus in the four weeks than in the previous four months combined.  Thus, I can see firsthand that the number of positive cases is rising, and this highly-contagious […]

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