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Coauthored with former Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Taheri (Staiert) President Trump’s campaign has powered ahead with lawsuits in several states, challenging voter fraud and technical problems. Depending on the facts of each case, Trump may be right to do so — and for reasons that are much bigger than himself or his campaign. […]

The year was 2004.  While I was only about 14 years old, I was already a political nerd eager to get involved in Republican politics and help reelect President George W. Bush. That summer, a family friend and regular attendee of the Arapahoe County Republican Men’s Club (ACRMC) invited me to attend the weekly breakfast meeting. […]

Six days before Election Day, as many Colorado voters were filling out their ballots, Gov. Jared Polis offered a Halloween treat.  He declared the state will give nearly 435,000 Coloradans a one-time payment of $375 cash to Coloradans who both filed for unemployment during the pandemic and earn less than $52,000 a year.  Payments are expected to […]

Keith Nobles, avid outdoorsman and citizen of the Cherokee Nation, has been a camper and backcountry enthusiast for decades.  In recent years, he’s witnessed firsthand the astronomical increase in deadwood and beetle kill tucked in Colorado’s forests — coinciding directly with expanding, out-of-control fires. “Twenty-five years ago, in the Pike National Forest, I would regularly take […]

Detached leftist media elites can’t escape reality, no matter how hard they try to dismiss urban violence. Now their distorted view has enveloped local news outlets too. Forty-nine-year-old Lee Keltner was fatally shot following a “Patriot Muster” protest last Saturday afternoon in downtown Denver, blocks from the Colorado Capitol near the Denver Art Museum. The […]

I’ll be blunt: School districts are failing their students by pursuing remote learning.  Voters should not approve a single tax or bond measure requested by a school district that is not opened for in-person learning or is threatening to go back to full-remote. Unfortunately, districts like Cherry Creek and Aurora are preparing parents for the prospect […]

“Did you or did you not introduce a plan with John Kasich?” the incumbent asked his challenger, with confidence and eagerness in his voice.  “That’s the simple question.” Tragedy has again engulfed our capital city. On Saturday, as attendees left a “Patriot Muster” in Civic Center Park that organizers say was to support the U.S. Constitution […]

“Did you or did you not introduce a plan with John Kasich?” the incumbent asked his challenger, with confidence and eagerness in his voice.  “That’s the simple question.” The camera focused on his opponent.  The tall man, his mouth persistently dry ever since the debate began, quivered as he held up his water bottle.  The man opened the […]

As a socially moderate voter driven more by economic issues, something typical of my millennial generation, I generally don’t talk about “social issues” much.  But Proposition 115, the late-term abortion ban, justifies a column in full support.  That’s because it is the single best thing Colorado’s pro-life movement has ever done to legally limit abortion.  This year, […]

On Sunday, September 20, Jimmy Sengenberger joined Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio Minneapolis to discuss vote-by-mail, early voting, and related issues and challenges with the 2020 elections. Listen to Jimmy’s full interview on Real Talk w/ Roshini below!

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