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Last week, the Colorado State Board of Education unanimously approved a measure enabling school districts to “choose their own way of determining if (high school) students are proficient in English and math, instead of using the 11 ways the state had approved.” Not only does it make sense to ensure school districts can assess student performance […]

Black Lives Matter activists cite Douglass’s 1852 speech ‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?’ as proof America is evil. They utterly miss his point. Last week on CNN, as contributor Angela Rye accused White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnaney and President Trump of failing to understand the history of black America, she […]

Lucian Truscott is the sixth-generation great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Truscott seems to think his family history (being a direct descendant of the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third U.S. president) gives him all credibility to call for the Jefferson Memorial to be removed. Truscott contends “we don’t need” the monument. Monticello is […]

As the General Assembly readied its return to the people’s business, I urged the legislature to reassert its place in the constitutional order. “Emergency powers do not suspend state and federal constitutions and nullify laws,” I wrote on May 18.  “King Polis should be dethroned and demoted back to governor.  Let the General Assembly begin the revolution when […]

Joey Bunch reported Saturday in Colorado Politics that the Colorado Business Roundtable is hosting a July 8 “online discussion on women’s rights around the world with a panel of women in the state’s government, academia, business and philanthropy …”  Importantly, this teleconference panel will feature special guest Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, serving as ambassador from […]

Earlier this week on Jimmy at the Crossroads, Jimmy Sengenberger announced the all-new Jimmy’s Crossroads Club! Get ready for some Seng Style fun! Introducing Jimmy’s Crossroads Club, an exclusive, tiered monthly, quarterly, or annual membership program for patriots who are all about making a difference for America and our nation’s future. Please watch the full video above, then […]

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  SB20-205 — paid sick leave — is an example of this.  In conference committee today, SB 205 would be disastrous for small business.  Let’s jump right in. According to the bill’s summary, through the end of 2020, “employers are required to provide each of their employees paid sick […]

What a difference two weeks can make. Back in my May 18 column, COVID-19 and Gov. Jared Polis were top of mind.  The disputed protests were peaceful gatherings of small-business owners pushed aside by out-of-touch politicians, and everyday citizens concerned about losing their jobs and their liberty. Now, coronavirus seems like a thing of the past.  All eyes, […]

I am the rare Colorado conservative who has given Gov. Jared Polis some credit for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.  I’ve said for several weeks that his performance has been superior to other Democrat governors, most notably Gretchen the Terrible of Michigan. That’s because he’s permitted Colorado to at least start reopening, says he’ll let […]

Whether they’re from the Left or the Right, I do not like unauthorized executive orders any more than Sam-I-am likes green eggs and ham.  When President Trump issued his unilateral order last year to reallocate funds and use eminent domain to build the wall at the southern border, without congressional authorization, I publicly opposed it.  Even […]

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