On Sunday, September 20, Jimmy Sengenberger joined Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio Minneapolis to discuss vote-by-mail, early voting, and related issues and challenges with the 2020 elections. Listen to Jimmy’s full interview on Real Talk w/ Roshini below!

On September 16, 2010, Jimmy Sengenberger – then freshly 20 years old and a Regis University campus radio talk show host – guest-hosted on AM talk radio for the very first time! Sitting in on 1310 KFKA’s The Amy Oliver Show, Jimmy offered early thoughts on his political philosophy and why he believed what he […]

I’ve attended many rallies at the State Capitol, but I didn’t attend Sunday’s Reopen Colorado Rally. I didn’t for two main reasons. First, I’m fortunate to be building a new business in the “essential” field of media, so I’ve been exceptionally busy and haven’t had much free time. Second, while I agreed with the sentiment […]

In November of 2019, Jimmy addressed a session at the State of Reform conference held in Denver as a panelist on steps Colorado needs to take for healthcare reform.  State of Reform interviewed Jimmy for their series “What They’re Watching.” I think something that needs to be focussed on even more is access to care, […]

Past attempts by the federal government to “save the economy” have (at best) failed to achieve their goals and (at worst) exacerbated crises faced by the nation. In addressing the economic strife America now faces, policymakers must recognize the critical uniqueness of the novel coronavirus and learn from past mistakes. This means providing support to […]

Jimmy Sengenberger was interviewed for a new story by Scripps National reporter Elizabeth Ruiz regarding studies that show climate change has become “increasingly bipartisan.”  Jimmy offered the “Republican perspective” for the report.  Watch it here! Republican Jimmy Sengenberger says while climate change may not be a priority for the Republican Party, he’s personally noticed an […]

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