Jimmy Featured by State of Reform in Healthcare Interview

Written by on April 14, 2020

In November of 2019, Jimmy addressed a session at the State of Reform conference held in Denver as a panelist on steps Colorado needs to take for healthcare reform.  State of Reform interviewed Jimmy for their series “What They’re Watching.”

I think something that needs to be focussed on even more is access to care, not just because of cost but also availability of services. Here in Colorado for example we have a significant shortage of physicians and dentists, that needs to be addressed. For example, empowering nurse practitioners even more so they can address health care needs. There’s a lot more talk about expanding dental therapists to address the dental shortage. When it comes to telemedicine, that’s a great for areas that are more rural, urban; people who are underserved to access care from a distance as opposed to having to see a physician that may not be accessible in the near term. You need to be able to provide timely access for folks.

It’s a difficult question to answer: what is the silver bullet or the single specific approach that would boost access or lower costs. I think we really need to look at what can boost patient choice, consumer choice; boost the choice opportunities for physicians and practitioners as well, and unleash the potential of individuals to make decisions. So I’m not the biggest fan of all sorts of government red tape that can get in the way of practitioners, dental therapists, nurse practitioners, etc. I think we need to figure out what are the ways in which individual providers can provide better care without too much encumberment from the government.

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