Jimmy’s Colorado Politics Column | Governor must keep his promise for reopening our state

Written by on April 20, 2020

I’ve attended many rallies at the State Capitol, but I didn’t attend Sunday’s Reopen Colorado Rally. I didn’t for two main reasons. First, I’m fortunate to be building a new business in the “essential” field of media, so I’ve been exceptionally busy and haven’t had much free time.

Second, while I agreed with the sentiment of ReOpen Colorado, I wasn’t on board with the idea that “now is the time to protest.” Gov. Polis has not yet said he’ll extend his stay-at-home order beyond April 26, so a protest seemed somewhat premature. If Polis doesn’t follow through with his pledge, next Sunday — being the 26th — would be exactly the right day.

However, after watching livestream video from the rally and talking with friends who participated, I came to realize something different.

The ReOpen Colorado Rally was a figurative shot across the bow. It sent a message to Polis that Coloradans are not mere pawns for him to direct how we live our day-to-day lives — and critically, a warning that Coloradans’ patience and trust is not unlimited. In fact, surveys show most Americans currently have a deep distrust of existing institutions. If Polis extends the order, Sunday’s rally will be a steppingstone to another event — and perhaps others…

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