Hannity vs. Carlson + Best of JATC w/ Dr. Marv Treiger & Keith Nobles | JATC EP086

Jimmy Sengenberger July 23, 2020


Join Jimmy Sengenberger (@SengCenter) at the Crossroads as he breaks down why Sean Hannity is right and Tucker Carlson is wrong! Plus, guests Dr. Marv Treiger and Keith Nobles.

Jimmy begins the show by discussing Sean Hannity’s comments during Tucker Carlson’s “hand off” to Hannity. Hannity challenged Carlson’s objections to Jeff Bezos making $13 million in new wealth in one day (Monday) – and later apologized for it. On the merits of the argument, who’s right? Hannity! Jimmy explains.

Then, we share excerpts of two of Jimmy’s recent interviews in a “Best Of” – with Dr. Marv Treiger, PhD., ex-60’s Marxist radical-turned-conservative and Keith Nobles (@AuthorNobles), citizen of both the USA and the Cherokee Nation, on a recent Supreme Court decision regarding Oklahoma and Indian territory.

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