Hannity vs. Carlson + Best of JATC w/ Dr. Marv Treiger & Keith Nobles | JATC EP086

Jimmy Sengenberger July 23, 2020


Join Jimmy Sengenberger (@SengCenter) at the Crossroads as he breaks down why Sean Hannity is right and Tucker Carlson is wrong! Plus, guests Dr. Marv Treiger and Keith Nobles.

FULL DESCRIPTION: Jimmy begins the show by discussing Sean Hannity’s comments during Tucker Carlson’s “hand off” to Hannity. Hannity challenged Carlson’s objections to Jeff Bezos making $13 million in new wealth in one day (Monday) – and later apologized for it. On the merits of the argument, who’s right? Hannity! Jimmy explains. Then, we share excerpts of two of Jimmy’s recent interviews in a “Best Of” – with Dr. Marv Treiger, PhD., ex-60’s Marxist radical-turned-conservative and Keith Nobles (@AuthorNobles), citizen of both the USA and the Cherokee Nation, on a recent Supreme Court decision regarding Oklahoma and Indian territory.

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