Race, Identity Politics & the Primacy of the Individual | Podcast 001 w/ Charles Murray plus Andy Ngo

Jimmy Sengenberger July 3, 2021

On today’s podcast, Jimmy Sengenberger speaks with Charles Murray about his new book, “Facing Reality,” talks in-person with Antifa expert Andy Ngo, and discusses Frederick Douglass’s profound speech, “What to the slave is the 4th of July?”

In Episode 1 of the Jimmy at the Crossroads Podcast, host Jimmy Sengenberger speaks with Charles Murray, political scientist and Hayek Emeritus Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, about his new book Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America.

Before the Murray interview, Jimmy walks through key parts of “What to the slave is the 4th of July?,” an 1852 speech by the great abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, and how Independence Day is a reminder of the “saving principles” of the Declaration of Independence Douglass touted so passionately – and how wrong and off-base critical race theory really is.

Jimmy also shares his recent in-person interview at the Western Conservative Summit with Andy Ngo, the journalist, Antifa expert, and author of the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

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