Recruiting Gen Z GOP Candidates + Trump’s HUGE Mid-East Shakeup | JATC EP104

Jimmy Sengenberger August 20, 2020


Join Jimmy Sengenberger (@SengCenter) at the Crossroads with Run GenZ founder/Iowa State Rep. Joe Mitchell and Iowa State House candidate Carter Nordman, followed by American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) VP Ilan Berman and Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Mario Loyola!

Jimmy begins the show with 24-year-old Iowa State Rep. Joe Mitchell, founder of Run GenZ, and Iowa State House candidate Carter Nordman, about Run GenZ’s effort to help inspire conservative/Republican Gen Z’ers across the country to run for office. They also discuss their own candidate experiences and what’s needed for conservatives to win over GenZ.

Then, Jimmy is joined by Ilan Berman, VP at the American Foreign Policy Council, and Mario Loyola, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to break down the significance of last week’s Israel-UAE peace agreement shepherded by President Trump and his Middle East team. They discuss the broader implications of the deal and what’s going on with the broader strategy of the Trump administration in the region.

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