Joe Biden

In his hasty removal of American forces from Afghanistan, President Biden utterly and destructively botched the withdrawal.  The consequences are horrifically and irreparably devastating, raising serious questions about the intelligence and planning used to execute Biden’s rash operation. There’s one question Coloradans must ask above all others, however: What did our resident Senate Intelligence Committee […]

Democrats are working diligently to bamboozle the public into supporting two distinct but related power grabs. Yet, history and the Constitution belie their duplicitous narratives about making Washington, D.C., the 51st state and packing the Supreme Court. Last week, the House voted entirely along partisan lines to pass H.R. 51, a Democratic bill to make […]

As terror swept over Boulder on Monday afternoon, all of Colorado watched in horror at what was happening. For hours, we simply knew there was an “active shooter situation” at the King Soopers on Table Mesa, with hundreds of law enforcement officers and first responders on the scene. Speculation gripped social media, with grim answers […]

Let’s be real: The 2020 presidential election is over.  Objections or not, Congress will tally the Electoral College votes and Joe Biden will be declared president.  As an ardent supporter of President Trump’s reelection bid, it pains me to say it — but it’s true. Even so, we should look critically at the push by […]

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